Environmental Health

Engineering & Management Journal




Vol. 2 , No 3


Application of modified bentonite by sulfuric acid for removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions

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Efficiency and kinetic modeling of removal of nutrients and organic matter from a full-scale constructed wetland in Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran

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Using ANN and EPR models to predict carbon monoxide concentrations in urban area of Tabriz

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Survey of bacterial contamination of environment of swimming pools in Yazd city, in 2013

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Feasibility of electrochemical oxidation process for treatment of saline wastewater

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Prevalence of noise induced hearing loss among vehicle drivers at Bandar Abbas freight terminal, south of Iran

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Optimization of culture media for lipid production by Nannochloropsisoculata for Biodiesel production

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Feasibility study of green wastes composting with digested and dewatering sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant in Iran

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