Environmental Health

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Vol. 3 , No 2


Evaluation of heavy metal concentrations in Rutilus frisii kutum on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea (northern Iran)

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Heavy metals bioaccumulation in fish of southern Iran and risk assessment of fish consumption

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Nitrate removal from water using alum and ferric chloride:A comparative study of alum and ferric chloride efficiency

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Assessment of scale formation and corrosion of drinking water supplies in Ilam city (Iran)

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Prediction of the waste stabilization pond performance using linear multiple regression and multi-layer perceptron neural network: a case study of Birjand, Iran

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Health impact assessment of short-term exposure to NO2 in Kermanshah, Iran using AirQ model

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Optimization of cascade hydropower system operation by genetic algorithm to maximize clean energy output  

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Removal of blue cat 41 dye from aqueous solutions with ZnO nanoparticles in combination with US and US-H2O2 advanced oxidation processes

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