Journal of Dentomaxillofacial

Radiology,Pathology and Surgery




Vol. 3 , No 3


Knowledge and Practice of Dentists Regarding Disinfection of Impressions Sent to Laboratory

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Interproximal Caries Detection Ability of Dental Practitioners Using Direct Digital System and Conventional Films

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Ghost Image Mapping of Palatal Bone of Maxilla and Nasal Cavity in Panoramic View Using Cranex D Digital Machine

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Comparison of Accuracy and Observer Agreement in the Detection of Simulated External Root Resorption Using Conventional Digital Radiography and Digitally Filtered Radiography

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 Correlation between Mandibular Radiomorphometric Parameters and Gonial Angle size in Iranian Adults

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In vitro Evaluation of Dentin Surface Irradiated by Neodymium-doped: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser (Nd: YAG) Using Scanning Electron Microscopy

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